PLEASE tell me Bruno, I am DYING to know what is so funny about this dolphin. Is It the fact that it’s pod was driven to the shore where it was taken from its mother? Or the fact that after it was taken the pod faced a brutal &bloody, death? Or maybe that right now more hunting boats are out searching for the next pod to murder?
The Taiji dolphin slaughters are NOT funny. They NEVER will be funny.
The fact that he had the NERVE to post that sickens me. The fact that he was making jokes with his fans is disgusting. I never respected him as a musician but know I know to NEVER respect him as a person. His music may be awful, but now I know he’s complete and utter scum.

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    People need to have several seats.
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    I’m not gonna try and dismiss the struggle of the dolphin or whatever’s going on over there but please explain to me how...
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